Our People

K Factor

It takes a certain type of individual to work at Knightsbridge and we've come to call it the 'K-factor'. It's the reason you'll receive a consistent level of expertise, counsel, and delivery across North America.

Video: Our People

  • Natural service orientation - selfless, share stories about how their work has contributed to the development of others
  • Polished yet down-to-earth in style - authentic, genuine, low ego
  • Highly intelligent and deeply accomplished - describe many and relevant contributions, with humility
  • Passionate and driven to win/succeed - not at any cost; with whom one succeeds as important as winning itself.
  • Attracted to Knightsbridge - because of our culture and reputation as much as for our innovative business platform
  • Well intentioned, 'cup-half-full’ people who laugh readily, look for the good in situations and people
  • Well-developed vision for his/her self and view of the world - which also aligns with the Knightsbridge vision
  • They thrive on ambiguity - it takes a certain type of person to identify and create innovative, client-centric solutions. The combination of deep expertise, a spirit of entrepreneurial risk-taking and agility keep us continually “thinking moves ahead”™ for our customers.


Customer Passion

  • We do what‘s right for our clients, focusing on their best interests and results
  • We bring clarity to the complexity inherent in identifying our clients’ human capital needs and determining the best solutions for them.

Service Excellence

  • We strive to balance the demands of being a great professional services firm with that of a great operating company,
  • We have a natural service orientation; we are humble and low ego.
  • We have a positive attitude – always looking for the positive potential in situations and people.
  • Our client’s urgency is our urgency.

One Knightsbridge

  • We behave as one seamless Knightsbridge to our clients regardless of the practice area we represent.
  • We are respectful of individuals, their roles, priorities, and talents.


  • We continuously look for better solutions and better ways of doing things.
  • We identify, share and capitalize on industry trends and best practices.
  • We are intellectually curious and encourage ongoing learning.


  • We have an entrepreneurial mindset and take calculated risks.
  • We have the courage and conviction to do what’s right for our customers, clients, employees and shareholders.
  • We speak up respectfully when things don’t make sense or seem right, and work to resolve conflicts in a collaborative, positive way.
  • We work to eliminate barriers.

Results Driven

  • We are passionate and ambitious, but not at the expense of others, or our ethics and integrity.
  • We work smart – striving to generate results and celebrate our collective successes.
  • We take personable accountability for our results.

Management Team

David R. Shaw Founder & CEO
Victoria Davies Chief Financial Officer
Ralph Shedletsky Chief Customer Officer
Leslie Carter Chief Brand and Strategy Officer
Regan Stewart Vice President, People and Culture
Stuart Kaplan President, Knightsbridge USA
Brad Beveridge Managing Director, Executive Search
Kelly McDougald Managing Director, Career Solutions
Paul Tucker Managing Director, Axsium
Vince Molinaro Managing Director, Leadership Solutions
Catharine Larkin Director

Board of Directors

David R. Shaw Founder & CEO, Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions
Courtney Pratt Chairman, Toronto Region Research Alliance
Guy Burry Chair and CEO of Tenth Power Technologies Corporation
Steven C. Small President and CEO of Capital Partners Corporation
Susan Murray Founder of SAMCI
Suzie Mumme Founder and Trustee of Embercombe
Tim Lett Corporate Director, Owner of Torlins
Wayne Squibb President and CEO, Realstar Group

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